Candace M. Magloire

President & Founder

Who We Are


I am Candace Monique Magloire – (CMMA).
There are those of us who, at some point in our lives, begin to doubt ourselves and what we know we are capable of achieving. Life knocks us down and throws our dreams at us. Years and years go by and sometimes we give up hope that we will ever achieve that dream. There were many times when I was one of those persons, until one day I made a decision, to not be that person anymore. 
CMMA Group is a highly professional serviced based and consultancy organization that offers the best in image consultancy, portfolio management, multimedia services, content creation, equipment rental and freelance business development services.

Our Vision

To become a global entity that transforms lives through Creativity and Motivation.

Our Watchwords




Create to fuel your opportunities

Motivate yourself to build your vision

Master your craft and determine your value

“A little splash of Colour makes life all the more fun.”

C. M. Magloire