I utilized CMMA for my personal styling and to revamp my closet. I was very pleased with both experiences. I was amazed how Candace utilized the clothes and accessories from my closet and put them together in a fun and edgy way that I would have never considered. She helped to put me at ease in determining whether or not to keep various clothing items with her thought provoking questions and gentle but strong directive suggestions. She really boosted my style by doing a color evaluation and by outfitting the clothes that were in my closet. I highly recommend CMMA for your styling and closet editing needs. You will not be disappointed.

A friend of mine Michelle Sylvester (Gospel Entertainer) called me one day to ask for help in getting her outfitted for the upcoming Gospel Awards TT (GMATT) 2021 at Queens Hall. Never mind when she called, there were less than 2 weeks to the event. I was out of my depth. I calledthe only person I knew with some fashion sense Candace Magloire of CMMA Group. Honestly because of the short time frame I was expecting a “sorry no can do”. To my surprise after I explained my delima, the response was “let’s do this”. I was amazed. However, I would not know how
amazing what was to come would be.

Candace contacted one of her colleagues to design and make an outfit for Michelle (Amazing work by Denise Williams Inc.). I was so thankful, but did it end there. Oh no, she took time to go with Michelle to get the perfect shoe and accessories for the outfit as well. Candace went over and above my expectations. I was blown away as was Michelle Sylvester.

Candace on behalf of Michelle and myself, many many thanks. You are truly amazing. I recommend Candace and CMMA Group for anyone who needs styling and fashion advice and service. SHE IS AMAZING!!!!

I am so grateful and elated to have found Candace! By simply following her tips and comments on Instagram, I found a new passion to “shop in my closet.” Who knew that I could whip up totally creative outfits from my own clothes? I certainly didn’t! Her advice and encouragement has a distinct way of opening your eyes to the new combos that can be crafted without spending a dime. I’m always excited for her posts and tips now! The joy in that execution is undeniable.

I want to thank you for the Color Analysis Assessment that you provided me. Everything that I purchase is now done with the knowledge I have gained from you. I am now more aware of my necklines, I choose colors that are more flattering to me and I can mix patterns, now. Lastly, I have become better at accessorizing. Overall, it was such a great experience and I feel more confident. Again, thank you!

Moving up into leadership within Trinidad and Tobago, it has become very important for me to now spend some much needed time on adjustingmy image.

I have always been concerned about my size and my inability to wear certain trending professional attire so I would always gravitate to what I am comfortable wearing. Since I have aligned myself with Candace Magloire and her company, the results have been amazing. She totally took charge of my wardrobe, showed me what to wear and what not to wear, how to mix & match and how to accessorize….She even went shopping with me to ensure that what I purchased would make an impact at my next event.

She took hold of me and suited me up from head to toe…..really from hairstyle, makeup EVERYTHING!!! Yes it worked. People were fascinated and they all gave compliments on my choice of style and colour blending. Since then I dress deliberately. I dont just throw on anything and I liaise with her to ensure that I’m doing it the right way. Being a great leader is also having the ability to be coached by a greater leader. I will recommend Candace to anyone, any day!